Tomato Seedlings

Last summer, I described the best way to save seeds from vegetable plants.  For many plants, such as tomatoes, the ‘best practice’ is said to be by “fermenting” the seeds in a jar for a few days before drying.  So, when saving my own tomato seeds I tested this method against my typical ‘lazy gal’s” method of just letting the tomatoes rot a bit in the field and then collecting the seeds.   Last month, when I planted the seeds I noted on the markers whether they were F (fermented) or not.  Theoretically, the fermented seeds should have germinated at a higher rate.  Now, the results are in.  ALL the tomato seeds germinated and they are now ALL healthy seedlings.  I will keep comparing as they grow and letting you know if I ever see a difference.  For now, I am just happy to have many, many healthy little tomato plants growing away in my library.IMG_2919



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