What to do with all those seed catalogues…

IMG_2669This time of year our house is inundated with stacks and stacks of seed catalogues.  These are all a tease for the coming spring.  But there are only so many seeds I need to buy (especially since I save my own seeds) and a select few companies I will buy from.  Still the catalogues keep pouring in–glossy photos of gorgeous flowers, fruits and veggies that make me long to start digging in the soil again.  Except now it’s suddenly covered by snow again.  Sigh…

Fear not, you don’t have to let those catalogues go to waste–or even recycling or compost.  The colorful photos and drawings are perfect for the antique art of decoupage.  Not only that, but this is a great project to do with the kids on those long stuck-at-home snow days.  Even my sports-obsessed boys stopped stopped making brackets and joined in the project once they realized unlimited glue was involved.

For this project I recycled a cardboard tissue box (tissues being a highly used item in our house this time of year) but you can also decoupage a shoe box, a glass jar, just about anything.  Then have the kids cut out the photos of flowers, veg or fruit, leaving as little background as possible.  Prepare the decoupage ‘paste’ by adding one part hot water to 3 parts white school glue.  Mix thoroughly.  Use brushes or sponge brushes (I find these work best) to add a layer of the paste to the object you are decorating and then affix the photos.  Keep adding glue and photos until the entire object is covered–let them overlap.  Add a layer of glue to cover the entire project smoothly and let dry.  At this point you can cover with a layer of varnish or protectant but I just added another layer of glue and let it dry again.  The resultant box probably won’t last much past the winter but by then we will have actual garden flora to cheer us.  Until then, be creative and enjoy!

5 thoughts on “What to do with all those seed catalogues…

  1. Sounds like fun. If you want to give the art project some permanence, just get a can of spray varnish or glaze. Warning–wait until a sunny day and do this outside or your house will never be the same again. Can use the same idea with old Sports Illustrated or car magazines on a box to store Legos or other small pieces. Not that you need it, but it keeps the kids busy.

    • What a great idea! The boys use an old shoe box to hold all their baseball and other sports cards. We can decorate it from the old Sports Illustrated magazines, at least it will be a little less ugly!

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