Our Hurricane Damage

We are extremely grateful that Sandy did not damage our home or family and hearts go out to those less fortunate.  Still, we lost about 12-14 medium and large trees in our backyard and our lovely woods look more like a meadow now. The kids woke us up on Tuesday morning crying, “Our tree house is gone!” and that is the hardest blow of all; I don’t even know if we can put it up anywhere else as so few of the trees that are left in the center of our property.  Have to make lemons to lemonade–will replant with a mini-orchard of fruit trees and perhaps some coveted natives, including sugar maples.  Who knows, in 10 years we can be covering our own apples with our own maple syrup.

With the trees down the granite bedrock is revealed.

Trees were completely uprooted!

2 thoughts on “Our Hurricane Damage

  1. Sad to seee the lovely tree house upside down. But as my mother would say, “that should only be the worst thing that happens.” We are still without power, living in Neil’s house and showering and getting clean clothes at our own place. Parrot is doing ok in temporary quarters by the pool and I have an office with power. Manhasset and Port are almost completely out, as are big areas of the South Shore.

  2. So sorry for. what you went through and sorry for all the clean up you’ll have to be doing.
    Like everyone says, at least you are all safe!!
    I so sorry your parents without power. Hopefully they will slowly get back to “normal”. Please send them our very sympathic thoughts.

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