When Hurricane Sandy Came to Town

Day four and counting of life without power and water (or school).  It may be another week before we have a bit of normality here in Westchester, NY.  But we count ourselves lucky compared to coastal communities which have been so devastated.  And super fortunate to have a caring community of friends and neighbors all pulling together and sharing what we have.  Have not even gone out to check the garden which was mostly gone already but we lost many, many beloved trees, including the tree-house.  Will post pics soon.  Not much more we can do than try to have a sense of humor and soldier on.  Wrote this little ditty to keep smiling!
When Hurricane Sandy Came to Town
It was two nights before Halloween and all through the town
The wind was a-howling, knocking trees down.
Storm Sandy had come, although uninvited
With hurricane force she was so delighted
To bring devastation to all the East Coast
A once in a hundred year event, the meteorologists would boast
(forgetting of course, they said the very same thing
Just one year before and an earlier Spring.)
Touching down along the Jersey Shore
It seems beloved beaches are no more
And ‘fugget about’ those boardwalk rides
In Atlantic City and sunny Seaside
The coasters in the water and The Whip is underneath
And there’s sand up on the pavement on all the inner streets
You know it must be horrible to see
When even Christie and Obama have something to agree.
And in the Battery the water kept rising high
Filling up the subways and leaving very little dry
While in the City that is never supposed to sleep
There was very little action in avenues and streets
Collectively they held their breath 
As cranes dangled with sudden death
And up in their steel and concrete towers
Millions curse their long days without power.
In the Rockaways waves beat upon the shore
While the Long Beach barrier is no more
(That is the conclusion you must say
When ocean water meets the bay.)
And all along the island Long
Things were turning right to wrong
Even the East Hampton rich
Found out that ‘ocean-front’ can be a bitch.
Now those further north were not spared
Only in comparison lucky how they fared
Along the Hudson surged the tide
That flooded towns far and wide
In Connecticut and Westchester winds were not slowed
Flinging trees and wires on the roads
Now thousands are stuck home without light or heat
And children (again!) miss out on trick or treat.
So if you want to scare in years to come
Just remind the kids of Sandy the Frankenstorm!

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