A Meager Harvest.

The days are growing short and the garden is growing sparse.  There is less and less to pick, certainly not enough of any single crop to base a recipe on.  At these times I tend to turn to soup–warms the kitchen and the soul and just about any combination of veggies will work.  

In this case I started with the usual base–sauted  onions and some celery (from mom’s garden) and some carrots.  Because I live with devoted carnivores I also browned some flanken meat but it’s not necessary.  Add stock. Next add some dried beans, a good source of protein.  If you have them, chop some leftover mushy tomatoes, the ones that aren’t good to eat in salad anymore.  Let all this simmer until the pasta is well-cooked.  Then add the last garden veggies–in this case some eggplant, green beans and chopped chard (add this last).   A last taste of summer…


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