Last tomato harvest!

First frost last night!  Woke up to a fuzzy white carpet covering the lawn and the morning glories–which had been profusely blooming over the porch bannisters and azaleas–sadly crumpled and shriveled as were other delicate greenery.  Time for my least favorite garden task–pulling out and cleaning up the tomato vines.  By now the poor things are almost completely browned and dried but a few undamaged tomatoes still clung on.  I harvested the last of these, some already ripening, and kept the best to ripen inside.  I have to take back my previous assessment that such ‘counter-ripened’ fruit is tasteless–in fact, I ate a few of them this afternoon and  they weren’t half-bad.  Not as good as high summer vine-ripened, but better than store-bought for sure.

Anyway, since the plants are now pulled out and composted I can be sure this is the very last tomato harvest.  The very first tomato I picked was in late July, the last mid October, so that’s almost three months of tomatoes!  Not bad!

One thought on “FINAL TOMATO HARVEST 10/14/12

  1. Still have green tomato plants and am pulling plenty of ripe ones off of them. Zinnias look terrible as we are finally getting mildew I was able to pick enough fresh-lloking ones for the table and hope that I will have anothr few weeks from them. Beans also are gone, and basil is on its last legs. I hate it when the garden looks so sad.

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