Last tomato harvest!

Just picked the last of my (mostly green) tomatoes.  One of my least favorite jobs in the garden–cleaning up the dead tomato vines.  The poor, dried, twisted vines, blackened in death make a sickly sight worthy of Halloween, but I like to clear them out before they fall apart and even more messy.  An interesting note, although my tomatoes are green and the vines dead, the plants in my mother’s garden only an hour’s car ride south are green and leafy and still pumping out prolific juicy red tomatoes!  Apparently that one hour is the difference from zone 6 to 7.

Fortunately my mom brought her tomatoes this weekend so I still can have my favorite salads but I had to do something with my green ones.  Time for pickled tomatoes!  There are some very complicated recipes out there that include chopped onions and honey and other things and require canning but I went for the basic:  Pack tomatoes into a glass jar and add pickling spices, peppercorns, several cloves garlic and fresh dill (add some dried hot pepper if you like it spicy).  Boil 2 quarts water with 1 cup kosher salt until dissolved, let cool and add 1 cup white vinegar, and pour over tomatoes.  Make sure the water is filled to the top and cover tightly so that tomatoes do not touch any air (if they do they will rot).  Put a rock or plate over cover so it won’t rise up with the pressure of the fermentation.    Let sit in a cool place and remove scum every few days if necessary.  The tomatoes should be pickled in a few days to weeks, depending on how warm it is.  Enjoy!

GIANT jar of pickles!



2 thoughts on “PICKLED TOMATOES

  1. We are hving colder weather, too.  Some of the zinnias are showing the effect, but it is interesting to se that some plants just a few feet away are find.  Now that the seed companies have talked us into fall sowings of lettuce, I can safely report that this year I have just a few little plants, barely visible, and even the radishes are not edible, tho it is more than 24 days.  Still have beets and a few parsnips seems ready.  Experince is th

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