Last little blush of color in the garden…

OK, so clearly the remaining tomatoes aren’t going to ripen on the vine.  How sad!  I can pick them green and they will turn yellow, orange, red…whatever their color ‘ripe’ but they won’t taste ripe at all.  Like the tomatoes one gets at the supermarket–also picked green–they will be mushy and tasteless.  Might as well use them green.  And eggplants, too?  Time to get out the fry pan!

I used a classic coating for both veggies.  Slice them all rather thick (half inch) so they cook through but don’t get too mushy.  Ready three bowls: put flour in one, mix egg and milk in other (buttermilk even better), and equal parts breadcrumbs and corn meal in the third.  Dip the slices in each bowl consecutively and then fry in vegetable oil (not too hot or it will burn before cooking through.)  Serve hot and enjoy!!


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