Disappearing Mom’s or Just Too Busy to Give a Rat’s A–?

A lot of blabber going on around the internet about this article in which the author sees the fact that a lot of women put photos of their children up on facebook instead of their own as their own personal subjugation in favor of their little ones.  Oh, please, can we not do ANYTHING right anymore?  Mothers seem to take a hit if they 1) care too much, 2) ‘attach’ to little, 3) wake up in the morning.  Putting your child’s photo on facebook instead of your own may just be because you can’t find a photo you like of yourself.  In my family, for instance, I am the one taking 99% of the photos, hence I’m rarely in them.  The few times Papa Wolf takes a photo of me it’s usually out of focus (how can you even do that with a digital camera?), too far away, or just unflattering.  Meanwhile, my kids always look good and they don’t have to worry about wrinkles.  For a while on my blog and still on my local Patch webpage I use a photo of tomatoes instead of me.  Does this mean I think more highly about tomatoes than myself?  Or is it just that I think the tomatoes always look delicious?

The larger point being–why do we women constantly feel the need to question each other’s choices?  Yes, some of us work, some of us ‘stay home’ and most of us will do both, perhaps in different stages of our life.  Hopefully, we will be able to take into account our own needs as well as the needs of our own families–does our mate’s schedule allow us flexibility, are our children more independent or more needy, do we like our employment or are we seeking new skills and directions, do we need the extra income?   The truth is that most women around the world do not have a choice–they either have to work to support their families or they can’t because of socio-cultural prohibitions.  We should all revel in those women who have a choice to stay home or not and stop trying to dictate which is better.  And please, stop trying to examine every single aspect of our lives just to raise controversy (and sell books)!  Solidarity sisters!

One thought on “Disappearing Mom’s or Just Too Busy to Give a Rat’s A–?

  1. Much noise about nothing much. Who cares what picture is used–it is often a matter of privacy. While we normal people are worried about global warming and the state of our nation, the author of The Article is wasting much effort and space about nonesense. If the motives of unknown others are a prime subject for speculation, let him or her write a novel or other work of fiction.

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