So as astute readers may have guessed, this last week I was on vacation with the family on the Cape.  But of course I couldn’t leave the garden at home all alone.  A garden in August needs watering, tending, and most of all harvesting (even the hungry rodents can’t eat it all.)   While I was away I was lucky enough to have my friend, Ace, and his lovely daughters, Sunshine and Apple (as always, names on this blog changed to protect privacy), help out as ‘substitute gardeners’ for the week.   Here is what I heard back from them about the week in the garden:

“All this despite Sunshine eating her weight in beans.”

Thank you so much. Girls had a great time. Chipmunks got a few tomatoes. None caught in the buckets. I watered everything including flowers every other day as we got little to no rain. Still flowers seemed a bit dry. The sprinkler in the front kept sticking in one position but we managed. 

You have two huge squash sitting on the fence facing the street. I did not pick them. The beans were endless. We stopped out of exhaustion not because there were no more. Lettuce is coming up but struggling with the heat. 

Overall, the garden is doing well. The chipmunks are unbelievable taking bites out of every tomato. I was tempted to bring over my bb gun and wait them out, 🙂

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