Ahh, who doesn’t love a county fair?  Corn dogs, rickety trucked-in amusement park rides, crying lost children, sweaty crowds of unruly adults, the smell in the air of cow-produced methane and cheap grease.  How could you want to stay home?  

Well, maybe you would rather to stay by a pool or in your green leafy garden than in the hot tents of the fair, but what about the contests?  If you are a grower or a baker, a livestock owner or a knitter I’m sure you have looked at the material on display and thought, “mine is better than that.”  Surely your zucchini are bigger, your flowers are brighter, your pies more delectable.  But to enter a contest at the fair you have to fill out forms  and drive some distance to bring in your entry at a specific time and place.  And if the item you are hoping to show off is produce there are additional logistic problems–what if the day/time of the show is not when your produce is at its best?  What if it rots while you are waiting for the judging?  And why are they judging it on looks alone?  Surely it should matter that your hideous, deformed, slightly over-ripe tomatoes taste divine?  Apparently not.  So you don’t get a ribbon.  Bummer.  And to add insult to injury, you had to pay to visit the contest that you just lost.

If you’ve ever wanted to enter a County Fair contest and couldn’t here is your chance.  Send photos to me at my email: or post to my facebook page.  Photos can be of anything you grew yourself or or food made from homegrown produce (i.e. no photos of produce bought at a farm-stand or food cooked from stuff you got from your CSA).  The general categories are: produce, flowers (including flower arrangements), livestock, baked goods, and non-baked foods.  Within those categories ‘prizes’ will be for the top entries according to three basic criteria:

I even get sick on ferris wheels…c

-WOW! (most amazing)

-WHAT? (most bizarre)

-AWWW… (best photo with kids or cute beastie)

Photos can have been taken any time during this 2012 season.  Please keep it honest!

ALL entries (unless deemed offensive) will be posted on the blog.  Please identify your photos with your name (first name only is fine), your town and state and caption (optional).  Entries must be sent/posted by friday September 14.  Virtual prizes in each category will be awarded by the following Monday.

Have fun, can’t wait to see what you grow!


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