Garden Guests

There are two kinds of guests in the garden–those we want and those we don’t want.  Last night I experienced both.  The invited guests were my kids, my friends and their kids who helped me with the day’s harvest.  Everyone enjoyed tramping through the overgrown vines and picking (and tasting) the abundant beans, cukes and tomatoes.  There was even a little horseplay with the amaranthus (see photo).  Don’t be jealous guys!  Although I love spending some quiet time in my garden weeding and tying up vines, etc. it’s even more fun to share this space with friends and family.  Unfortunately, later in the night the garden was visited by some less desirable ‘guests’–little critters, probably chipmunks, who chewed their way through several almost-ripe tomatoes and cucumbers.  I wouldn’t mind so much if they would just eat all of one or two, but they seem to delight in taking little bites of as many fruits as they can.  This does not seem to be a very good strategy from an evolutionary point of view (the more they destroy one night the less there is to eat another) and really pisses me off.  Since it’s too late to put in extra fencing (and it would have to be tiny to keep out these little rodents) does anyone have any other advice to preserve my hard-earned veggies?  Pouring foul-smelling stuff under the vines doesn’t seem to work either.  Ah well, I guess we all endure some unwelcome house-guests at one point or another!


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