Talking about…poop

So I realized today that I haven’t fertilized my 12-ft high tomatoes yet and they are probably getting kinda hungry.   Time to fertilize, which since I try to stay organic, basically means, well…poop.  I’ve tried pretty much every sort of organic fertilizer for sale out there, including horse and cow ‘manure’, bat ‘guano’, and worm ‘castings’ (yup, those are all pseudonyms for poop) but my favorite is fish poop, partly because I hope that it encourages fish farmers to collect and sell the stuff rather than let it pollute our ponds or bays and partly because there is no pseudonym for it yet  (how about ‘marine mulch?’)

So anyway, I took out the bottle of poop that I had bought on sale this spring and tried to load it into my foliate sprayer.  Only I guess the ‘fertilizer’ had settled since I bought it and once I drained the liquid off I was left with some yucky muck that I had to squeeze out of the top of the bottle so that it looked pretty much like…well, you get it.  Fortunately the stuff did not smell all that bad, in fact it smelled like coffee, which must mean either it comes from some seriously caffeine-addicted fish or they compost it with coffee grinds.  Unfortunately the stuff clogged up my sprayer so much I had to give up and mix it in buckets and pour it on the plants (and sometimes me).  But the tomatoes got fed and I got to take a shower.  All in another fun day’s work in the garden.  

2 thoughts on “Talking about…poop

  1. Hey Michele – I didn’t know you could use fish “waste” for fertilizer; do you think if i muck up the stuff at the bottom of our pond, it would work?

    • Well, all I can tell you is that when I clean my tropical fish tank I pour the dirty water into my house-plants. Last time I did this about a week later my orchids that were dormant for 2 years suddenly started sprouting new flower stalks; I used the fishy water again a month later and ended up with both orchids with HUGE stalks of gorgeous flowers that lasted months. I didn’t even use the orchid ‘food’. So this isn’t scientific but I say try it! Good project for the boys to do.
      I would suggest mixing the muck in well with your current soil in a 2:1 ratio, at least, depending on how slimy it is. But it also would be good for your pond. Win, win.

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